March 22, 2019

Terumo dental needles

Terumo Needles

The Terumo Dental Needles have the ultra-sharp bevel design with triple faceting, which minimises patient trauma.

The high tensile cannula is difficult to break, even when the patient makes a sudden move.

The dental needles are available in short and long sizes and with imperial and metric thread

The needles are suitable for both conduction anaesthesia and infiltration anaesthesia.

Wide selection for optimal length

TERUMO® Dental Needle is available in both short and long sizes for conduction anaesthesia and infiltration anaesthesia.

Minimal patient discomfort

The ultra-sharp LANCET POINT minimises pain and discomfort, and eliminates the need for a surface anaesthesia prior to injection.

The high-tensile

TERUMO® needle is difficult to break even if the patient moves violently during injection.

Individual containers Each needle is individually packed in its own plastic sheath. The colour-coded sealing label provides instant identification of needle gauge and facilitates inventory control.

Reliable fixing

The needle hub screws directly and securely onto the syringe. It will neither come off accidentally nor leak. Since the needle can be screwed onto the syringe without being taken out of its sheath, sterility is maintained up to the moment of injection.

Bevel Indicator

The arrow on the hub allows you to align the bevel of the needle for easier insertion.

Other features include:

  • screw hub locks needle firmly onto syringe
  • colour coding identifies needle gauge
  • paper seal ensures sterility

Instructions For Use

IFU 1 1. Twist the cap to break the sealing label and remove the cap.
IFU 2 2. Attach the needle to the syringe by using the cartridge sheath as a wrench
to screw the needle hub onto the syringe.
IFU 3 3. Immediately prior to injection, remove the sheath to expose the needle.


Item Specifications

Reference*Colour CodeGauge


Type             Colour

Shelf Life
DN*2722 Yellow 27 22 Imperial White 100 2000 5 EtO
DN*2741 Yellow 27 41 Imperial White 100 2000 5 EtO
DN*3022 Green 30 22 Imperial White 100 2000 5 EtO


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