March 2, 2021


I am glad that I can introduce
Micro NX Co. to you.

Micro-NX Co.Ltd.
Business with expertise in the design and manufacture of Micromotor handpieces and their control units which are widely used in dental laboratory technology, nail arts, jewelry processing, wood crafting, milling, mold modification and so on.
Products of Micro NX Co. are manufactured under the business permission issued by KFDA,

certified as fit for medical devices by Korea Testing Laboratory(KTL), and they have obtained
CE certificate through the strict testing

Our products have been exported to 25 different countries
throughout the world,

Micro NX Co is going to dedicate itself to researching and developing new technology in order to ensure the quality of products and performance improvement, and we promise to return the attention and encouragement received from our customers by pursuing endless innovations and technical developments and accomplishing the best quality and producing finely-designed products.

Thank you very much.

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