March 2, 2021




Founded in 1977 in Pirassununga, São Paulo, VIPI began its activities in a small place. Over the years, constant investments in research and training led the company to develop its own technology. The establishment of ethical and solid partnerships and the concern for the wellbeing and enhancement of its employees, promoted a wide variety of products and services oriented to the needs of the consumer.

Currently VIPI is the largest fully Brazilian company to produce teeth and acrylic resins with high technology. Its image of reliability and quality, built over more than 38 years of work, is recognized by the most expressive professionals and national and international agencies. As a leading manufacturer of dental prosthesis products, VIPI establishes itself as an important supplier of inputs and CAD/CAM systems.

Offers a wide variety of materials, such as zirconia (only Brazilian company certified by ANVISA for the production of blocks), acrylic and wax, which ensures that users of our products benefit themselves from a variety of customer-oriented solutions. Nowadays, our main competencies are the integration between modern technologies and materials for the production of dental prosthesis. Technological leadership, excellence and quality in the manufactured products, solid partnerships and valuingits employees, make VIPI a proudly Brazilian company. VIPI, the present and the future of your laboratory.



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