February 26, 2021



With over 80-year experience dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative products for dental professionals

Since its founding 1932 by Annie & Nestor Schiller, Septodont has developed, manufactured and distributed a wide range of high quality products for dental professionals around the world.

Thanks to its long tradition of innovation and quality, Septodont has been, and still is in the forefront of the dental pharmaceutical industry. From local anesthetic cartridges, topical gels, dental needles, obturation powders & pastes to innovative restorative solutions, Septodont can meet practitioners needs in pain control, endodontics, restorative dentistry, infection control and more.

Today, Septodont is a group with over 1,000 employees, six manufacturing facilities across France, North America and India, and an international distribution network, all dedicated to serving the needs of dental professionals in more than 150 countries.

Production expertise approved by government health agencies and dental professionals on five continents

Dentists around the world know that they can count on the consistent quality of Septodont. Their trust has made Septodont the world leader in local anesthetics, being used in 500 million of dental injections per year throughout the world.

Our production facilities are approved worldwide, fulfilling requirements of countries and continents renowned for their pharmacopeias, such as Europe, Japan and the United States and meeting the most stringent quality standards.

Hundreds of market authorisations worldwide

Septodont’s products have been tested and approved by the relevantauthorities in every country in which they are marketed, in line with the mostdemanding national and international standards.

This means that a Septodont product has potentially undergone hundreds of registrations or certifications throughout the world: a clear sign of its qualityand reliability.

When using a Septodont product, the practitioner can feel confident knowingthat his choice has benefited from the sum of worldwide requirements interms of both health and safety.

Ever present, ever listening

It is part of Septodont’s ethos to maintain close relationships withprofessionals in the dental world. Septodont works in collaboration withpanels of dentists, attends the major international industry events, stays up-to-date with the latest scientific developments and develops partnershipswith recognised opinion leaders and pre-eminent universities.

As a result, Septodont has developed and marketed products which have brought many benefits to practitioners and their patients. As the worldwide leader in pain control, Septodont has designed and launched an innovative product line covering the whole anesthesia procedure: local anesthetics, needles, injection devices… Most recently, Septodont introduced Septoject Evolution, a breakthrough dental needle, providing greater control and reduced discomfort. Beyond the field of pain control, Septodont has lately developed highly innovative products in periodontology & surgical with the launch of R.T.R., a ß-tricalcium phosphate bone grafting material, in restorative dentistry with the launch of N’Durance®, a range of breakthrough composite solutions with the exlusive Nano-Dimer technology, and in the field of impression with the introduction of Racegel, a unique gingival preparation gel. More recently, Septodont launched Biodentine™, the 1st dentine substitute with both restorative and endodontic applications.


Pain Control - Anaesthetics & Dental needles
Scandonest® 2% Special

Mepivacaine with 1:100 000 epineprine injection solution

Scandonest® 3% plain

3% mepivacaine injection solution.

Xylonor Spray

15% lidocaine analgesic solution in a metered aerosol

Dental Needles

Sterile single use dental needle

Septoject® XL

Sterile single use dental needle

Ultra Safety Plus XL

Needle stick injury prevention device

Root Canal Sealer

Epoxy matrix endodontic cement

Dentin Substitute

Bioactive Dentin Substitute

Bone Treatment
R.T.R. syringe

β-tricalcium phosphate bone grafting material

R.T.R® cone

β-tricalcium phosphate bone grafting material + collagen

Alveolar Dressing

Dry Socket Dressing

Gingival Preparation

Thermogelifiable Gel for Gingival Preparation


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