March 2, 2021


Prestige Medical has established its expertise over 25 years to become a UK market leader with a worldwide network of distributors, providing innovative products which meet the decontamination needs of a wide range of sectors.

Instrument decontamination to the highest standards

We are committed to providing our customers with the most cost effective, high quality products backed by strong after sales service and support. Whatever your decontamination needs, we have an autoclave or steriliser and washer disinfector designed to provide top performance at a competitive price.

Although there are other sterilization methods available, autoclaves are established as the preferred method of sterilization and, as UK based autoclave manufacturers, we are industry experts and can help you choose the correct sterilizer. Whether you need to sterilize medical, dental or veterinary, podiatry or tattoo instruments or cultures and media, providing your instruments are autoclavable, there is a Prestige Medical autoclave suitable to meet your needs.

We offer sterilisers in a wide range of sizes and types. As is the case with all our products, our range of washer disinfectors also have a reputation for quality and reliability that make them a popular choice where high standards of instrument cleaning is needed. Check out the relevant sector on our website or contact us directly for more information about our autoclaves for sale.

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