February 26, 2021

TDV Dental


TDV Dental

25 years
60 countries
Thousands of users assure
TDV quality

TDV was born overcoming challenges. It has been created for over 25 years to make innovative and high-quality products.

This commitment led its foundation and the company sought for technology and valued talents. Along with discipline, respect and transparency on the relationships with its customers and partners, these investments turned the business which initiated its activities in rented spaces in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, in a worldwide recognized company.

Our path started in November 1989 and two years later we were searching for international technology in Germany. Three years later, we were already installed in our own building and since then running our business in an independent way. Nowadays our know-how makes us grow at a rate of over 20% per year.

All this success has been achieved by offering a complete line of auxiliary products for dentistry, what made us reference in the market and allowed us to gain the world. Today, TDV products are found in the shelves of more than 60 countries; this is an evidence of confidence that just increases our responsibility and keeps us pushing towards innovation.

That is why we are continuously reinventing our marketing practices and developing new solutions for the health professional, seeking for offering the best benefit-cost relation and assuring its satisfaction.


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